Why Central Lakes?

Your Time is Valuable

It's Minnesota, it's summer, and there are a lot of options for how you can choose to spend your time - fishing, camping, golfing, and other family activities. Or maybe your daughter or son are always on the move with all of their sports, and summer needs to have some flexibility so they can attend off-season camps. If lacrosse is one of the many ways that you like to spend your time, but NOT the only way, Central Lakes is right for you.

Your money is valuable

Like our free time, we have to budget our expenses across all of our passions. At Central Lakes, we have lower overhead than most other clubs, and when you compare our costs to theirs for similar tournament seasons, you will definitely see the difference in value.

We reinvest in our teams

Every club plans to make a level of profit - some more than others.

At Central Lakes, we have reinvestment targets for our program.

  1. Once we hit a minimum level of participation, we will purchase automated camera systems for use at the tournaments we go to, and maintain a subscription service so your player has access to that game video for their use in making highlight reels.
  2. We want our coaches delivering the best content possible for your player, so there is a bonus structure in place. At the end of each season, you will tell us via two methods how they did - by end of season survey, and whether or not your player registers again.
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