Liability Waiver

As the parent or legal guardian of the participant being registered in the Central Lakes Lacrosse (CLL) program, I/we/our hereby give my son/daughter permission to participate. I/we have read this application and the program rules and regulations thoroughly and understand and agree to abide by all aspects of them. I/we understand that lacrosse is a contact sport in which injury, even serious injury, may occur and I/we assume all risks and hazards incidental to their participation in this program. I/we further release CLL, its staff, affiliates, and the host facilities from all liability associated with my son/daughter’s participation in this program. I/we also grant CLL, its staff and designees, permission to seek emergency medical care for my son/daughter. I/we certify that the insurance information provided is correct and current and agree to assume all responsibility for any medical expenses incurred. CLL staff is not liable for any injury a player may receive during play of the tryouts, practices, or games. CLL staff have the right to seek/or administer proper medical attention if a player is injured.

I/we agree that I/we shall provide health insurance to cover any personal injury and/or property damage sustained by the athlete while participating in any activities or while on the premises of the host facilities, and that my player will maintain current USA Lacrosse membership throughout the duration of any sessions of participation. I/we assume all responsibilities for any and all risk of damage or injury that may occur to the my/our participant in any CLL program, including practices, scrimmages, skills sessions, clinics, games, tournaments, and other activities related to the program. Additionally, I/we hereby release and discharge the program, its operators, employees, agents, supervisors, instructors, and other players from all claims, demands, rights or causes of action present or future, whether known or anticipated and resulting from or arising out of or incident to my/our student athlete's participation in the CLL program.

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