Parent/Guardian Code of Conduct

We ask that parents/guardians SUPPORT the student athlete and our staff. It is expected that mutual respect will be appropriated across the player/parent/coach relationships. Players must be coachable, and be willing to trust and communicate with CLL staff. As part of player/young adult development, we encourage our players to first talk to their coaches when there is an issue, and we ask that the parents/guardians only be involved to help, or encourage the athlete to contact the staff, if the athlete has hesitations doing so.

CLL staff will not enter a discussion about playing time, team placement, issues, or other concerns without the student athlete being involved in the discussion. The purpose for this is to ensure development opportunities for our players in all aspects of being a member of a team.


Parents are:

-allowed to cheer for son/daughter, their son’s/daughter`s team/Opponent, or any other team in a POSITIVE MANOR

-not allowed to address referees at any point before, during, or after any competition.

-not allowed to coach their son/daughter or their son’s/daughter`s team from the sidelines, stands, or anywhere where a competition is taking place.

-not allowed to ask about team placement, playing time, or evaluation/ranking of players or other members.

-not allowed to access team roster to create or support their own or other team without documented approval from Central Lakes Lacrosse.

-required to ensure proper player attendance to designated team events, unless excused ahead of time.

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